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Bad web design will kill your sales. (Yeah, we said it!)  When you look at your website visitors compared to your sales, how do those numbers compare? If you’re struggling to turn visitors into paying customers then you need to listen up.

You may be suffering from Stale Site Syndrom.

Stale Site Syndrom happens when your website design, content, or SEO is making your sales stagnant. It’s as easy as having the same website design or copy for 3 or more years. (In some cases, people are seeing sales suffer in just a few months of missed blog posts!) The most common signs are poor organic traffic and the idea that your website isn’t your most important business asset.

Is your website doing its job?


What makes a highly converting website?

Great websites sell. That’s it – that’s the big secret! A website is a major business asset – the all-in-one sales and marketing team that never sleeps. Your website has the ability to cross continents, or just cross the street, to put your name in front of your ideal customers. It works to bring you new leads and serves your current customers. What makes a great website? You do. Your commitment to making your site more than a static business card is the first step to making a great site.

Ready to make a great website that works for you?

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A Website Your Customers Love

The FUSED Approach To Web Design

Phase 1: Web Design Discovery

Every website FUSED creates starts with a Discovery Phase. The Discovery Phase is where you and our Nerds sit down and dive deep into your business goals, who your customers are, and what you want your site to achieve. We do this because we know there’s no way a survey is going to give us all the information needed to create a website that sells your brand and is tailored to your customers. We’ll collect items like your site content, images, and graphics too, but the coolest part is when you’ll get your Faux FUSED Mockup. The Faux FUSED Mockups are our signature website mockups that you can click through and explore like a real website!

Phase 2: Our Nerds Design Your Website

Get Excited! This is the phase where we do the leg-work to develop your new website. We do all our work on a development site, so you can see the changes Live without the rest of the world seeing them, too. Worried about us disappearing? Have no fear, Boss! We stay in constant communication with you about the progress of your site through email, Asana, video, and actual phone conversations. Phase 2 is also where we do any additional services you requested, like advanced SEO integration, copywriting, custom development, adding extra security measures, and special integrations. You’ll get a chance to review your new website during each stage of development and at the end.

Phase 3: Website Training

Many of our clients choose to put us on retainer to do monthly updates, SEO services, and continued web design services. We appreciate the continued business, but we also believe that every website owner and marketing team member needs to know how to operate their site. Do you want to always be reliant on paying a web designer to add a coupon code or change out a photo? Heck, no! That’s why we adopted a “hand-off session” before we take any website Live. This session is where we sit down with you on a recorded Zoom call to teach you the ropes of your site. When we’re done, you get a copy of the video and a separate document with all your login information.

Phase 4: Let’s Launch Your Website

This is by far our favorite phase of website design! The day we take your new website live, we’ll be with you the whole way. From the time we [virtually] hit launch, we’ll monitor the site migration and make sure all systems are a go. Once your website launches, enjoy our complimentary 2-week tech support and maintenance to make your first few weeks go as easy as possible.

(Your job is to shamelessly brag to your friends about your new site. Not too hard, right?)

What happens after I launch my website?

Hint: We’ve got your back!

Did you really think we’d abandon you after launch day? Heck, no! FUSED has your back. Here’s how we keep serving you long after your site launches.

  • Join our free FUSEDlive training events every month on Facebook
  • Keep our Nerds on retainer for tech support maintenance or design work
  • Climb up the ranks on Google with SEO Services
  • Get a Jumpstart on your online marketing strategy
  • Check out the free resources on our blog
  • Join our email list to get tips and tricks we don’t share anywhere else

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