Simplify Social Media For Your Business

To the hands-on entrepreneurs and bloggers wearing every hat in your business – we salute you. Running a business is hard work and adding social media marketing to the mix often ends in what we call social overwhelm.If you’re feeling social overwhelm, you’re not alone! Thousands of business owners have been there, including us. You may feel like you need to be everywhere online, do everything perfectly, and have a million followers right out the gate. Pressure, much?The good news is that we have a few suggestions to help you run your social media management a little smoother – and you can start making these changes today.



A Picture Says A Thousand Words On Instagram

Powerful, vivid images are what makes people slow their scroll on social media. We’re attracted to cool places, vibrant colors, and inspiring messages that resonate with us. Have a great image? That will catch your audience’s attention long before your description on platforms like Instagram or Facebook. Some of the most successful Instagram accounts have very little verbiage to accompany their photos. This doesn’t mean every image has to be perfect or that every post needs to be concise – it’s all about balance. If you’ve got a picture that can speak for itself – let it! Take that extra time to relax or move on to more important agenda items, like coffee.


Use Helpful Social Media All-In-One Apps

There’s a smartphone app for everything nowadays, and many in the social media market are designed to make your life easier. Apps like HootSuite, Buffer, and Tailwind allow you to access and schedule to your social media accounts, across different platforms, using one app. These companies even allow you to pre-schedule your content based on the best day and time to attract your audience. (Thank you!) This set-it-and-forget-it method is great and a huge time-saver!

Be forewarned, pre-scheduling won’t do you much good if you don’t also engage with your audience. Try putting a little reminder on your phone each day to show up and engage. Your followers will appreciate it and you’ll still have time for Netflix.


Social Media Crowdsourcing Is Your Friend

When we say crowdsourcing, we’re not referring to fundraising. We’re talking about sharing images your customers have posted with your product or service highlighted or in use. Those candid shots of real people interacting with your brand are amazing marketing content and a type of word-of-mouth validation that goes a long way.

Just note, you don’t need to pay for this content and you should never repost someone else’s photos without their permission. Respectfully contact the person in the comments or on a direct message (DM) and ask if you can share their photo and account with to your audience. Let your customers do the work sometimes and you may even increase their loyalty toward your brand.


Limit Your Social Media Platforms

You can’t be everywhere and do everything in real life, so why pressure yourself to do so on social media? You’re busy running your business, so it’s especially important to use your time on social media efficiently. Don’t fall into the trap of trying to show up on all the “hottest” platforms. You’ll wear yourself out, produce lackluster content, and your page will suffer.

The biggest key to simplifying your social media is to limit the number of social media accounts you have. Your ideal audience isn’t actively using every social media platform, anyway! They’re on two, maybe three platforms daily. Know where your audience is and build your social presence there. Save yourself the headache of posting to all the major social media platforms every day. That’s a quick way to kill your passion for your business and a marketing platform that has the potential to elevate your brand recognition.


Social Media Marketing Plan Strategies

We left this one for last because it requires a little more time than the others, but it may be the most important thing you can do for your business. Having a strong Social Media Marketing Plan and routine in the back of your head makes a huge difference in your day to day life. It can include all the previous tips listed (and more) to make the time spent running your social media presence that much smoother.

Your plan can be as detailed as you want it to be or as simple as you need it to be. Having a plan and routine cuts down hours of pondering what you should post that day; taking 40 forgettable photos just to capture 2 powerful shots; writing twenty articles on random topics instead of 5 relevant, goal-oriented posts; and cross-posting to every platform you have access to. It’s a short-term time commitment for long-term success.

Save Your Sanity and Work Smarter

As business owners, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the idea that we need to be everywhere to be seen by anyone. Articles come out daily telling us that this or that is the new platform to be on. The number of accounts and time wasted trying to “do it right” adds up quickly and leaves us burned out. Applying these tips won’t guarantee a stress-free marketing experience, but it helps. No matter what your business is working smarter, not harder on social media will help you.

Have more tips for spending less time on social media marketing? Drop them in the comments below!