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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is your way of getting on Google’s radar. It’s so important that even if your website was the most awesome space on the Internet, none of your potential customers would find you without SEO. But you already know that – you’re smart. What you really want to know is how we’re going to get your site seen by the people most likely to buy from you.

The short version: We use Frontend + Backend SEO to increase page rank.


A FUSED strategy for increasing your Google page rank

Frontend and Backend SEO are the dynamic duo of optimization, they’re like Peanut Butter and Jelly. Sure, you can have one without the other and it’s ok. When you combine the two though, that’s when the magic happens. That’s when you’ve got a complete spread for your bread and undoubtedly the best sandwich on the planet. That’s how important they are to each other. One works ok, two works properly.

Think of Frontend SEO as everything your site visitors see that helped them find you in search results. The most important frontend optimization is the strategic placement of keywords and meta descriptions. These help search engines understand which results your page should appear in and draw visitors into your website.

Backend SEO is everything the visitor doesn’t see that go towards better SEO. These include all tags (H-tags, Alt tags, paragraph tags), linking, search-friendly taxonomy, sitemaps, and more. Your web visitor never sees these, but search engines need these.

We don’t mean to say you can never be found in a search if you don’t have both frontend and backend practices – miracles happen. We just want our customers to know it’s a lot harder to compete for a page-one spot on Google without these practices (and the time it would take to happen could mean a gross amount of sales lost).

Ready for a FUSED SEO strategy? Here’s how it works!

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SEO Amp’d Week 1: Discover Your Starting Point

Every website has a starting point for SEO. There’s no shame where that point is but it’s important to record it to you can track your progress. All FUSED SEO services start with a week of Discovery. During that week, we determine where you currently stand in rankings, what you’re doing, and what your goals are. We dive deep into your brand, who your ideal customer is, and what industry-specific lingo your customers are searching for. Then we create a strategy tailored to target your ideal customers.

SEO Amp’d Week 2: Developing Your Search Engine Strategy

We’re strategy nerds, so week 2 is probably our favorite part of the process. During week 2, we get nerdy and create the customized strategy to get your website climbing the rankings on search engines. Our plans include organic SEO for the frontend and backend of your site. We develop the keyword strategy, the page-by-page play, identify the tools needed to boost your ranking, the customized monthly and quarterly action plans, and create the tracking system you’ll use to evaluate your success.

SEO Amp’d Week 3: Go Forth + Get Found

The third week of our SEO Amp’d programs are always the game-changer. This is the time everything comes together and. We teach you exactly how to use your new website SEO strategy to start climbing higher and higher in search results. By the end of the week, you’re ready to go forth and amplify your SEO.

For busy entrepreneurs, we’re available to do all your website optimization for you!

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