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You’re not alone! Indianapolis businesses are struggling

Let’s face it – social media marketing and email marketing sounds easy. Send a few Tweets here, hashtag a couple photos there, maybe send out a company newsletter once a month. A piece of cake, right? But when you find yourself 2 years in with more hours logged into Facebook than sales, you learn it’s not so easy to market your business online.

So what should you do to become socially successful? Will social media followers really turn into customers? How do you turn Facebook + Instagram into profitable sales funnels? What should your strategy be? How do you balance being active on social media and still have time to run your business? And most importantly, how do you know where to start?

You start by getting a digital jumpstart!

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Digital Livewire Jumpstart

The digital jumpstart you need to create + start
implementing your marketing strategy, confidently

Digital Livewire Jumpstarts are your answer to creating effective digital marketing strategies. Our three-week intensive programs create marketing plans based on your long-term and short-term business goals.

Your Jumpstart will evaluate your current strategy on all online platforms, reveal where your ideal customers hang out online, build social media and online marketing plans to achieve your business goals, and show you how to execute your new plan and track your progress with uses milestones.

Basically, it’s the blueprint you’ll use to grow your business over the next 12 months.

Our programs are filled with actionable tasks you’ll start taking from day one and “build up to” tasks you’ll implement throughout the year you’re using the program. It’s built to be intense so we can get your custom-tailored digital marketing plan fused into your everyday operations as quickly as possible.

If you’re not looking to start connecting to your customers online yet, or you think you’ll want more one-on-one coaching and accountability, try our Online Marketing Consulting.

Digital Livewire Jumpstarts are for the most motivated entrepreneurs, who know they could grow their business on social media if they had the training and blueprint.

We know you’re too nice to ask, so we’ll do it for you.

Why are there 2 jumpstarts?

Digital Livewire AC

A bootcamp + coaching program for online marketing

Ready to dive head first into the world of social media marketing and email marketing alone? You’ve got the skills, you just need a plan and a wifi connection to grow your brand?

If you hesitated just now, then Digital Livewire AC is for you.

Livewire AC is our Analytics + Coaching plan for your social media success. It’s the same great program as Livewire DC, plus one year of analytics monitoring, an accountability partner invested in your success, and monthly personal coaching calls to guide you through your journey.

Is Livewire AC Right For Me?

It is if…

  • You’re a highly motivated business owner ready to get serious about your social media strategy
  • You want a deeper understanding of the analytics involved in social media + how to use them to improve your strategy
  • You want an accountability partner that understands digital marketing to help you
  • The idea of creating consistent content and fitting social media into your life makes you nervous
  • You’re ready to get started yesterday. You know you can do this but you also know you’re going to have more questions along the way + want someone who will give you honest, actionable advice on how to grow your business online

Does This Sound Like You?

Digital Livewire DC

Private Marketing Training Seminars + 1-year social media plan

If you’re ready to start using the platforms that 98% of Internet users are on (like , yesterday) but aren’t sure where to start or how to grow further – then Digitial Livewire DC may be the program for you. It’s a three-part boot camp dedicated to understanding your audience, finding the perfect social media platforms to use, and mapping out how you’re going to create social influence for your business.

Basically, we’re going to take the overwhelming part of digital marketing over for you – the how to do it successfully part – so all you need to do is start marketing, confidently.

Is Livewire DC Right For Me?

It is if…

  • You’re a highly motivated business owner ready to start using social media and digital marketing to grow your business
  • You might have access to a team ready and willing to do the legwork to grow your brand
  • You’ve researched or dabbled in what works for business marketing online but don’t know how to make a connected strategy that works
  • You’re ready to commit the time to use social media in your everyday marketing plan or you have a dedicated person who will
  • You know that if you were just told where to start and what to do to successfully market your business online, you could make it happen

Does This Sound Like You?


Facebook marketing is still growing businesses

Does Facebook’s new algorithm have you questioning if it’s possible to grow your business on social media? Don’t fall prey to the panic. The truth is, every new change to social media is a chance to stand out from the crowd. This is your time to flex your creative strategies and thrive in a space where others are panicking. Early adopters grow their brands. If you’re still on the fence, check out 3 strategies we’re using to stay in the Facebook newsfeed. (And it’s working!) Catch the video here.

Ready to thrive on social media?