FUSED is a web design + digital marketing firm

HQ: Indianapolis, IN   Reach: Global

FUSED is a web design, development and marketing strategy firm based in Indianapolis, IN. It was founded by a nerdy husband and wife team – Jonathan and April Brown. Together, we started FUSED and specialize in helping business owners and financial institutions ditch websites that aren’t trafficking in new customers on Google for sites that inspire your customers to find you and return again and again. We also help businesses plan their marketing strategies and train your team so you can confidently start attracting business from social media and emails.

Our story starts with organs, scammers + you

An untraditional web design firm’s origin story

We’d love to tell you that we started FUSED to change the world with our cool web design skills, but that’s kind of a lie (and a bit egotistical, to be honest).

The truth is, we started FUSED because we were sick of people getting scammed.

  • We’ve seen too many business owners struggling to get sales from poorly designed websites that aren’t geared to their audience.
  • New solopreneurs were dishing out small fortunes for additional design work after their website launched because their designer didn’t take the time to teach them how to use their own website.
  • We’ve winced at well-meaning business owners who were sold on the idea that they could get on page one of Google in a month.
  • And we hated seeing hard working ladies + gents spending hours trying to write the perfect social media post, only to give up and settle for publishing something that has no strategy, none of their amazing personality, and gets no engagement from their audience.

The worst part?

We knew many of the hard-working entrepreneurs out there had to consider selling some organs to pay for websites and social media plans that weren’t even bringing in business. Tears were shed, ladies + gents.

So we pushed our glasses up (Superman style) and created a firm to prove web designers and marketing experts aren’t shady characters. We aim to help people just like you grow your business online and teach you how to be your own website boss beyond launch day.

We’re not exactly changing the whole Internet, but we’d like to think we’re improving the lives of the people we partner with.


Jonathan Brown | FUSED Web Developer

Jonathan Brown

CEO + “That Web Dev Guy”

Jonathan is the co-founder and full stack web developer at FUSED. He combines his extensive programming background and experience in big business web strategies with the latest technologies to give our clients custom websites that impress the pants off their customers. Jonathan worked for large corporations and small web application companies as a developer and CTO before seeing a need for a less salesy approach to the web design field.

Passions: Jogging faster than his dog, Traveling to mountainous regions, Beating his friends in video games, Tom Brady

Dislikes: Single monitor systems, Heights, Lentils, Missing semicolons

April Mechler | FUSED Marketing Nerd

April Brown

President + Chief Marketing Nerd

April is the co-founder of FUSED and AprilBrown.co. She’s our Chief Marketing Nerd, SEO Seductress, and trainer. She’s a trained journalist who brought her passion for telling honest, inspiring stories to the marketing field. With her background in small business marketing and SEO, April teaches entrepreneurs how to connect with their audience and seduce Google.

Passions: Teaching Entrepreneurs, Traveling, Chocolate, Hiking through the mountains

Dislikes: Slow wifi, Spiders, Click-bait email subjects, Avocados, and Tumblr

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