Facebook Algorithm Changes Are Good For Business

The latest Facebook apocalypse has come and gone. Since then, our inbox, Newsfeeds, and phones have been flooded with business owners panicking over their Business Pages.

What’s the hype about? On January 11, 2018, Facebook announced it’s new strategy to bring people closer together by prioritizing “posts that spark conversations and meaningful interactions between people.” This was a nice way of saying individual users would be seeing less organic content by brands and more posts by their friends and family.

Cue a dramatic gasp from millions of brands and businesses over the world. It happened. Five minutes later the panic really sunk in and people started voicing their concerns everywhere.


Is Facebook marketing dead for business?

Not at all. In fact, Facebook’s strategy shift won’t mean much to brands that are already using good social media marketing practices. Brands that are focusing on engagement over numbers are going to thrive during these changes.

Businesses that have been using the platform as a pitching ground may not be as lucky. If your social strategy was struggling before, you may see a dip in organic reach. Don’t worry. The great thing about social media is that you can change your strategy overnight. You can bounce back from this. If you’re wondering how, we’re here to help.


FUSED Social Media Marketing To The Rescue

During the panic, we heard a lot of fear from our friends and fellow Facebook group members. While they fretted over the Facebook algorithm changes, our Chief Marketing Nerd was actually excited about the news. (She’s a little weird, we know!) She heard the outcry and decided to officially pre-launch our second Facebook Business Page, the FUSED cast, the day after the platform’s supposed doomsday.

This Page is fully dedicated to helping entrepreneurs create business and marketing strategies they can feel good about. We put education first and proved it from our very first post. What was that post? A Live video outlining 3 ways to stay in your customer’s newsfeed. And our audience showed up, took notes, and started making changes that day.


Are you looking for social media strategies to survive the algorithm wars? Check out the video and let us know which of these strategies your business is using to thrive on Facebook.


3 Ways Business Can Survive The Facebook Algorithm Changes